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GPS Clavicle Protection with Collar

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Maltese Sports is pleased to announce the GPS Clavicle Protection with Collar. This unit integrates the clavicle protection and a one (1) inch collar into a single unit. The collar wraps fully around the neck. We use your neck dimensions to insure a proper fit. The gel affords unparalleled comfort and does not cause heat buildup as can happen with most collars. The hook & loop closure allows for easy on and off, plus a degree of adjust-ability. The clavicle protection covers the area just below your Adam's Apple and runs along the collarbone. In cases of extreme heat when playing inline, the collar can be cooled prior to the start of play.

You will need to indicate that you understand that this unit is ONLY for clavicle protection.

Base and Logo Color Chart

For special color options, please call for information.
If requesting a special graphic, please note in the Special Instructions box. Please select CustomGraphic for the color choice in both base and logo.

This is a Build-To-Order item and production does not begin until your order is complete. Turn around time for Build-To-Order items is approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

Please Choose:

Select which Logo you wish on your product.

Selected color for the neck portion of your Combo/Collar.

Selected color for the logos. Must contrast with base color.

Select the measurement around your neck. Use closest match.

Add additional protection (gel) to the sternum area.

Widen Clavicle protection.

Bottom edge of Clavicle protection lowered.

Extend Gel Protection over the shoulder area.

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