Maltese Sports | Guide for Installing MG4G in your Mask

I traced the orange onto the green (Maltese). Then I used my Dremel tool with the sanding barrel to bevel edges and remove excess.

I chose not to go crazy and remove every bit of adhesive.

Sling in place for side hardware hole marking.

Dry fitting cheek and sling before I glue.

With the sling in place I mark the holes.

Dry fitting of Forehead.

Used a soldering iron to create marked holes in the gel. If you don't have a leather punch, this is the best method for this.

Attached hardware to sling.

This is the preferred stuff.

Apply cement evenly and be sure to get those edges. Allow it to get tacky before applying. This way, a minimal amount of time is needed for applying pressure.

Cheek cemented to the shell.

Next cheek pad area readied.

Cheek pads and sling affixed.

The forehead is the trickiest bit to get right. Most amount of curvature which creates the most tension on the part. This part will take the most time to seal to the shell.

First 2" dot adhered.

Second 2" dot.

Finally, the third and last my case.

All parts are 1/4" except for the forehead, that's 3/8".